People love being morbidly curious about life on Death Row, so here we are! Here are 10 Facts You Never Knew About Death Row!

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    • I rather get the cat instead of playing xbox or get execution date pushed forward if i were in deathrow

    • That so much money is wasted on appeals.

      The system should be streamlined. One appeal. If they are found guilty on appeal, 48 hours later Old Sparky gets fired up!

    • The realization of after playing the video and seeing that it’s not about Dr. Dre and Suge Knight’s infamous record label……..

    • What surprised me most was lethal injection being the humane method given the ingredients in them cause unspeakable pain in prisoners and it is often hard to find a viable vein to use. John Oliver did a segment on lethal injection being torturous and is in no way humane by any stretch. I was waiting for you to mention that lethal injection doesn’t work as it would have made a logical entry given that a lot of people think it does work.

  1. I’m for the death penalty, but I do think that it can be done better. There’s a documentary called “How to Kill a Human Being” where hypoxia inducing gas was brought as an alternative to the methods that we have today. The method is painless, bloodless, does not require a chamber to be thoroughly cleaned, and the gas and method of administering it is very cheap. The executed actually dies while in a state of euphoria and though people may think that’s too good a death for them, it’s still death.

  2. Might want to check your facts, a 10 second Google search told me Wisconsin ended the death penalty in 1853.

  3. 0:37
    What You Said:
    -The government does its best to make it up to their former inmates with cold, hard cash
    What The Close Captions Said:
    -The government does its best to make it up to their former inmates with cold Vodka

  4. These animals (the ones whose guilt is not in question) get off better than any of their victims. In 30+ years of study, I’ve rarely seen any commentary about how the murdered suffered at the hands of death row convicts. The U.S. Justice system is far too soft on crime. It’s supposed to be punishment, not an all expenses paid vacation.

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