Some things we use everyday that you probably never even think about sometimes have a surprising secret purpose! Here’s 10 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know The Purpose Of.

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  1. It amazes me how people find the “iPhone hole” such mystifying…
    Seriously what else is going to be next to a camera and light on a video recording device… Osama Bin Laden hiding spot?
    What were people expecting?

  2. Really? Number one was about a stupid microphone on an iPhone that people were questioning about? Really? People didn’t know that?

  3. ok but what about that hole in the center of the clear plastic rod of the bic pen towards the center thats like only large enough to shove a piece of lead through?

  4. Please don’t use black person models in your videos when you talk about clothing. They’ll smash all the clothing shops in africa now.

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