Genghis Khan, Alexander The Great, Queen Victoria… only a handful of people can claim to have held the world in their hands. These are the ten empires that came so close to owning the Earth.

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    • Also, why was the third Reich not on this list? Not technically an empire but it was one of the only nations in the right time of history in a position to actually achieve world domination.

  1. how can you include Spain and not Portugal witch was the first one to colonize the Americas discovered the route to India put colonies in India Africa and the Philippines and was the riches country in the world not to mention that Portuguese it the 5º most spoken language in the world summing up with out Portugal the world would not even be like this witch makes Portugal one the most influential and world changing countries there is

  2. Britain, literally the most powerful country to have ever been. Talking of rape and slaves, what about the amount of raping and slaving from the middle east empires, literal crusades having to made to go and save white people from dirty muslim oppressors.

  3. DISCLAIMER: I am in no way diminishing the achievements of the Persians who were a great civilisation and achieved a great many things, just making the video more accurate on a topic I really like (Persian Wars).

    They only had most of Greece for one year (480 to 479 BC), and due to alliances with Greek kingdoms and City-States (Thessaly and Boeotia with the exception of Thespiae and Plataea) rather than direct conquest, they lost it all by 478 BC.

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