When someone is in a position of power, you’d like to think that they have the intelligence to lead the people in the right way. Well, in these cases, that might not be the case! These are the 10 Dumbest Rulers Of All Time!

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    • @Salvatore Dali he was rated as having a fourth grade level by a study that looked at the reading levels of all presidents. If your curious, Obama was rated as having a high schoolers reading level. Neither where the highest rated, not even close.

    • @Mr Tiddles I agree with some of your points but Trump had already inherited a low unemployment and a healthy economy from Obama, who himself just had to make sure thing stayed the same. He did do good and make sure the unemployment was lowering instead of just basically leaving it like Obama mostly did. The thing about him making the economy stronger and stuff is a bit different, he almost started a trader with China because of Tariffs. Also the wall isnt gonna work, he should go about border security a different route. Thousands of immigrants, especially from South, America pay up to $20,000 to be crossed through the border in ingenuity like being put on a commercial flight using good fake identities or through crews ships using the same technique.

    • @Pedro Cruz-Vargas having a wife that’s an immigrant doesnt mean your not rasict, you can have a black brother or even be black yourself and still be rasict towards blacks.

    • @Cel Lyn I mean, as a Mexican, I gotta admit, some of us that cross over are rapist and drug traffickers. Especially that thing about drugs, but hey, if Americnas didnt demand so many drugs then we wouldnt be bringing them. I’m not saying I like drug traffickers or rapist, I’m heavily against drug trafficking and hate rapist. I just gotta admit the facts. Also Trump being sued has nothing to do with him being racist, just means he got sued. I’m also not a Trump supporter before you make any assumtions. I find his administration a joke but it’s kinda funny watching to be honest. He has done good things though, but yea, hes still not that great.

    • @Pedro Cruz-Vargas “First off. He can’t be rasist since his wife is literally an immigrant.”

      No, just no. 1. Trump can marry an immigrant from country A and still be racist (or xenophobic) against people from countries B, C, and D. 2. Plenty of people sleep with or even marry persons from a race and still hold racist views against the same group their partner comes from. There are countless examples throughout history.

  1. Love your humor. Too bad you didn’t put Trump in the #1 position which would have made this list legit.

  2. all the flak.. indian people literally crap on the streets.. why? I took a decade between trips.. to notice this.. why?

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