The whole reason we watch documentaries is to learn the true story, right? So what about when what we’re told by our favourite documentary series’ isn’t necessarily the truth… This is 10 Documentaries That Lied To You.

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  1. Ken Burn’s Civil War was a terrible documentary full of lies and half truths. The Union fought to keep the country intact while the Confederacy fought for independence. Slavery was a practiced, constitutional, legal nationwide American slavery not just regional.

  2. You cannot compare European McDonald’s and American McDonald’s food. Europe has food safety laws that require that food be made out of food, America does not. In Europe McDonald’s french fries have 4 ingredients (potato, salt, water, and vegetable oil); in America the fries have more than 15 ingredients, mostly artificial additives. Also American standards for potatoes are much lower. Ours have very little in the nature of vital nutrients, and are mostly just cellulose and water.

  3. I feel like this video hasn’t been researched properly. In reference to your point about gun murders in the USA, the Department of Justice released a study in 2013, entitled ‘Firearm Violence, 1993-2011’. In this report it is documented that 8,230 homicides took place with the use of a Handgun in 2002. This would fit your claim, however, that total doesn’t fully represent how many people died as a result of other firearms. Over 2,620 additional people lost their lives to ‘other firearms’ such as rifles. This brings the total to 10,940, a result much more in line with the statistic shown in Bowling for Columbine.

  4. The Making a Murderer one – the dude is so astronomically innocent. You’d have to be a complete fool not to recognize the hundreds of variables associated with that blatantly pointing to the dude being framed.

  5. I trust nothing anymore. Not even when the information is presented by someone with a smart sounding accent.

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