The police are our front line of protection and are often the first people on the scene of any situation. In these cases, they might wish they weren’t the first on the scene… These are 10 Disturbing Police Discoveries.

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    • You’ll have a new one for your channel when the police eventually catch me,but as I shave all my body hair and wear an ankle length rubber Mac which is coated in Vaseline (can’t get any of my skin under their nails because of this). They have trouble getting my DNA because of this precautions,but I’ve given them enough clues yet they still can’t catch me. Shows my superior intelligence and intellect,now I’m off to sharpen my skinning and boning knife ?

  1. honestly the best top list channel. graphics spot on (though as are everybody elses). what makes it is the writing and having the narrator on camera. feels more like somethinh you’d see on the telly.

  2. What i find insane about most of these crimial cases is the sentencing. Ppl get more time for drug charges than most of these stalker kidnapping cases which blows my mind.

  3. What about everything that was found in Ed geins house if you don’t know google it he was nuts

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