Get ready to be paranoid! In today’s Alltime 10s video, we’re telling you all about Diseases You Might Not Know You Have! Feel itchy yet?

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  1. Shingles doesn’t just affect adults and older people, my daughter has had it a few times first when only about 14, 9 yrs ago and she’d had chicken pox as a 4yo.

  2. the REAL conspiracy is how many people are now purchasing the CHUCK E. CHEESE pizzas since shanes video. what if this was all just one big cover up to bring CHUCK E. CHEESE back into business.. the devil works hard, but shane dawson works harder

  3. You guys have ALOT of early videos which are short and not scripted that seem good/interesting, you should re do some of them in the way your newer videos are done (ones you haven’t already included in newer videos) , be cool to be able to watch them with you guys talking about it like the videos from the last few years.

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