90s kids where you at?! Come with us on a trip back to yester-year, whilst we look at the 10 Defining Moments of the 1990s!

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  1. The snide remark about American law enforcement being violent was misleading and uncalled for. Many great men and women have not only saved countless lives, but risked theirs by running into danger while you are busy running from it. There are bad people in all walks of life. But to perpetuate the stereotype of American law enforcement being little more than criminals is slanderous. Especially when I just watched extremely passive British police stand by while Antifa threw bricks and even a pair of scissors at people and do nothing. I will take the American police stepping in to protect those children that your police didn’t any day. If you dislike Americans so much, why keep mentioning us? It seems like every video from your channels lately has nasty comments about our people and Government.

  2. Like everything nowaday, the “view” of the 90’s by this generation is extremely overhyped.

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