Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top10Archive@ Sometimes, when celebrities and people of note die, we don’t go the normal route of grieving and celebrating their life. We’re often prone to thinking the unimaginable – that they’ve faked their death and are still out there, living a different life in the shadows. Here are 10 famous dead people who are rumored to still be alive and well.

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10. Cory Monteith
9. Princess Diana
8. Andy Kaufman
7. Tupac
6. Paul Walker
5. Michael Jackson
4. Amelia Earheart
3. Marilyn Monroe
2. Elvis Presley
1. Adolf Hitler

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  1. You know what…. whatch this video….. James Dean just Died in Alberta 🇨🇦 on April 24th 2018…. in a car crash(weird).. video and look up the Calgary Sun news article that describes it.

  2. Hate to break it to any AE fans BUT, she was born in 1897, a documentary done in 2017 would make her 120 years old.

  3. Honorable Mention.
    Don LaFontaine didn’t die in 2008 but rather had plastic surgery, grew a beard and goes by Jim and has a YouTube channel.

  4. Princess Diana, Personal Opinion is I think the Queen Mother had something to do with Princess Diana‘s disappearance, since Princess Diana was trying to change Royal behaviour and the way things were In the kingdom for many years.
    Paul Walker, personal opinion is I do believe I shared the same opinion as many others Paul was trying to get out of the public eye.
    Michael Jackson, it’s obvious he faked his death because of the sex scandal allegations against him, Michael Jackson has – had a friend named Dave-Dave another scenario is Dave-Dave died and Michael Jackson’s assumed his identity, if you look at pictures of Dave-Dave now and around the time Michael Jackson allegedly died they are different, if you look at pictures of Michael Jackson and Dave Dave around the time or just after Michael Jackson died they are very similar.
    Elvis Presley, Maybe, but I think his situation was very similar to Paul Walker, his Fame was definitely getting the better of him, but Elvis does appear once a year at the Collingwood Ontario Canada Elvis Fest.
    Adolf Hitler, obviously he is dead now, but when he died, no one truly knows.

  5. Otherwise known as: 10 People Stupid Fucking Idiots Believe Might Still Be Alive For No Reason and with No Evidence

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