Did Michael Jackson fake his death? Is Andy Kaufman just pulling a prank? Is Tupac chilling in Cuba? Join us as we take a look at 10 Dead Celebrities That Are Rumored To Be Alive

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  1. The Elvis one, the reason he looked like a wax figure is because of the way some choose to preserve dead bodies for the funeral day. My boyfriend’s grandma died recently and he said at the funeral she didn’t look like herself at all. They stuff cotton under the lip, pull the cheeks back, pump the body with chemicals, wire the jaw shut and suck out the intestines. He said she looked like a fake wax version of herself.

  2. I was just joking to myself that Princess Diana was gonna be on this list, but it seems I accidentaly predicted it lol

  3. I like how to some people (conspiracy theorists), “People die,” is like, “No, no, they must be alive, living a secret life, and they faked their own death!”

  4. Jim Morrison was 27 you fuckin’ idiots, how can you get one of the most known members of the 27 clubs age wrong. Do your fuckin’ fact checking

  5. Who knows, folks. They probably fake their own deaths, so they (celebrities) can get away from the media.

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