These guys had it all; fame, riches and power. But what happens when these Godfathers of crime lose it all? These are 10 Criminal Kingpins Who Fell From Power…

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  1. I’m subbing to this page. Not bc of the content. But bc he got STRAIT into it. Instead of spouting bullshit for 3 min ago the begging. Props

  2. El Chapo will be sent to ADX Florence in Florence, Colorado

    that prison is inescapable and a fortress

  3. Why do i get the same f####n comersial. “Are we sitting on a kids table, that dosent matter. Fuck off, leave me alone with that bullshit please.

  4. Jaysus buddy – learn how to pronounce Chinese names and city names, and you butchered ‘chutzpah’ – it’s hoo t-spuh. Eish!

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