Welcome to Top10Archive! Maybe Rockwell wasn’t that crazy and we should all pay very close attention to his 1984 hit. Can we trust the powers at be? Are we really living private lives, or is there an authority out there that’s watching our every move? As we let paranoia set in, we’re going to explore the 10 insanely creepy ways that the government is keeping tabs on you.

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10. Drones
9. Streetlights
8. License Plate Cameras
7. Intercepting International Messages
6. Skimming Phone Records
5. Household Appliances
4. Cell Phone Tracking 
2. Xkeyscore
1. Webcam Hacking


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  1. You guys are so much better than Watchmojo! You’re much more entertaining
    and far less biased. (You wouldn’t ride the nostalgia train to the end of
    the Earth, would you?)

  2. ok… could someone state a specific good reason of why a police state is
    such a bad idea?

    if that meant the end of crime, wouldn’t you accept it?


    • Well, I think the biggest fears that circulate are the abuse of power and
      complete lack of privacy.

  3. If they hack my webcam, they will get an extreme close up of my table.
    Maybe they can count the rings in the wood?

  4. What you just happen to throw out in the universe…. it always comes back!

    Karma is a b*tch! I wonder what any of them are gonna do, when this all
    goes full circle and comes back around.

  5. Big Brother IS REALLY watching you. Nobody, I don’t care who they are,
    should have the right to invade anyone’s personal life. I’m sure someone
    could do it, if its nor already been done, but could you imagine their
    reaction if ‘boot was on tother foot’.

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