Some might think that meeting up with strangers from an app is odd. Hmmm, it is pretty odd when you think about it. But that doesn’t come close the creepiness of these apps! What were the developers thinking?!

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    • I really can’t believe that car kid app I don’t know why the other ones didn’t scare me as much but ho11y crap all of them

    • Alltime10s girls around me you forgot to mention my talking Tom and his girlfriend Angela it was known to that child molesters was looking threw the mirror and thats the most creeping besides Cars app 🤤😲😠

    • Alltime10s I say number 5 was the weirdest because if it becomes build in to smart phones, we might end up having to worry about a hacker like in Watch_Dogs

  1. I used ‘wakie’ for a long time, it was a fun app it gets boring very quickly though. I think people have a different perception to what “creepy” is to them.

  2. Attend award annually unlike tale news would around grade choose ceiling abuse punish.

  3. I think the Wakie app might be a good way to meet new people in a non-sexual and non-threatening way, provided that location and other personal information is withheld.

  4. Any idiot that decides to download the last one deserves to waste money on it. Seriously, women’s menstrual cycles are not at all uniform, making tracking them half guess-work. For some it’s every four weeks, but for others it’s five or six week, or has no set schedule. Add in outside factors like stress or medication, and I’ll be surprised if the app is right as much as 50% of the time. The app for teen/college parties seems like a serial killer story waiting to happen. All they’d have to do is decline everyone that swipes except for the desired victim or victims and then lure them out to wherever they want. Since I’m guessing a 13 year old isn’t going to tell their parents that they’re going to a party from an app…

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