Which countries are at the forefront of saving our planet? There are certainly a few surprises in this list.

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  1. You mean the country with the radical leftist government that hates her own people and want to replace their race with a bunch of degenerate savages? Yea no Germany is being destroyed along with most of the best of the world by the left, globalism and the importing of the third world. BTW fuck global warming I would love to shoot everyone in my country that supports this globalism leftists bull shit

  2. I know this is probably isn’t worth noting but the shade of blue on the flag cape for Luxembourg is too dark. It looks more like The Netherland’s flag. for future videos please make the shade of blue lighter

  3. Fuck you climate change really isn’t that big of a deal. And even if it is most of it is probably natural, my evidence being there’s been 3 fucking ice ages before human existence.

  4. I surprise to see Ethiopia on the list and many top develope country is not on it

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