When it comes to defence, some countries are just safer than others. From nations with massive militaries to states with unavailable terrain, we’re counting down the 10 Countries That Would Be Impossible To Invade.

Music = Storm Force Attack by Bob Bradley/Paul Mottram, Disputed Land by Tim Garland, Warfare by Philip Guyler, Arabian Invasion by Christophe Goze, Assault Course by Paul Mottram/Bob Bradley

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  1. Know somethin’? Speaking of North Korea, y don’t some1 just invent some kinda stealth nuke an’ ram it into da location where Kim Jong Un is hiding?
    Here go an idea… Paint an F-22 wit vantablack (YouTube it), put a nuke warhead in its nose or somewhere, and in da dead of night over North Korea, ram it wherever fat ass Kim is hiding! Once he’s out da way, everything else should fall like dominoes an’ we can bowl over NK! One of, perhaps, the most dangerous regimes will b no more!
    Probably a stupid idea, but still! It’s somethin’…

  2. Why didn’t you include South Korea? We have the 4th strongest army in the world and our artillery forces are even greater than the USA’s. Having said that, it’s depressing that South Korea is surrounded by world’s mightiest powers plus a lunatic state sitting right above us, and that is why our military seems weaker than it actually is. If South Korea was located in Europe, no country around us except Russia will stand a chance against our military unless it uses nukes.

  3. I’m American and I thought the U.K. would be here… they have a stream that goes right below them in the location where most countries exist, and it’s also an island

  4. Israel is the ONLY democracy in the middle east. The only country that treats it’s women, gays, transgenders, or any other oppressed people equally and with open arms. They allow ALL religions to practice freely as much as they want. None of that can be said for the Arab countries. By that notion alone Israel should be beloved by Americans and democracies alike. All we want is a right to exist. Historically the country belonged to the Jewish nation and we are being more than generous by allotting land for a Palestinian state, while treating our own Arabs fairly. They serve in the army and are in high positions such as doctors, lawyers, and politicians. Where are the Jews that recently used to reside in Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Jordan? That’s right, there aren’t any anymore because they were oppressed and forced to leave. Israel is this minuscule country surrounded by Arab lands and all we want is our little strip of the middle east and all the Arabs want is to see us wiped off the map and to own every single acre of the middle east. It’s ridiculous that so many of you don’t see the truth that’s right in front of your faces.

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