Ever woken up in a cold sweat after dreaming that you’re teeth are falling out or that you haven’t studied for a school exam (even though you left school ten years ago). Well here’s what 10 of the most common nightmares mean.

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    • Never heard that someone had a nightmare about teeth falling out

      Every year I dream this weird dream that includes making one decision – a guy with a gun in front of me asks me who shall he shoot, my mother or my sister and loud noise is heard and then I wake up. Just after the question. It’s identical every year…

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  1. No matter how many test they do to try to understand dreams, they will never understand them, had a dream in 2003, and it happened exactly in 2017 lol I call it”the jordan 18 23″, good luck explaining that.

  2. I had a dream were i stole 2 big blue trashbags filled to the top with weed and a duffelbag filled with cash, i was holding all the stuff to the door when i came face to face with 3 hispanics who took their stuff back and took my own shoulderbag and kept it, i went back in the dream to ask for my bag 😂 they gave a different shitty one and ran away i chased him and he shot 3 (revolver)bullets at me all missed, i sit back against a wall and then a guy with an ak47 came to me and put the barrel on my head and then i woke up, this was a downgraded version of the dream believe it or not i really dreamed it

  3. Never had an end of the world dream but nakedness, teeth falling out and the murder (being the murderer) are very common for me.

  4. What does becoming infected as a zombie thru your son being a carrier and then turning instantly, killing and mangling your son and devouring your wife and eating them all whilst feeling and hearing everything. Being unable to control your actions and being in the backseat of your body but still feeling and seeing everything.

  5. Hello! I am going to sleep, when I come back can I have 3+ subs?

  6. dreamt i was seated in the back of a car on the left, everything is black and white, i peeked out the window and realized i was in a 1950’s car, saw a large bodega / warehouse to my left
    it means that i need to let go of the past, and put it in a bodega

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