Controversial commercials are always a hot topic when they come around. We love to laugh at them, we love to be outraged by them, and we love to remember them years later. These are 10 Commercials That Were Ripped Off The Air!

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  1. Damn what happen to your videos I remember clicking on here you guys had animations during the informational clip but this is a weird news style of making content no offense to who ever this dude is but I’d rather stare at a retarded animation while listening to the stuff I’m gonna drunk talk about later this week to my friends who really don’t give a fuck

  2. Or you could just raise your kids properly and they wouldnt act like hellions in public.

  3. people are too sensitive and yes I buy condoms baste on that advert iv been in a protest the was peaceful and now im going to the stratosphere and im going to jump out of a hot air balloon becouse I drink red bull it will be fun. im storming a castel with bud light.

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