Sometimes, Mother Nature just decides to ruin an entire culture for the hell of it. From an Egyptian city sinking into the ground to ancient Antarcticans being hit with an asteroid, these are 10 Civilizations Wiped Out By Nature.

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  1. santorini was not a a minoan city minoans lived crete.Earthquakes damaged their citys and then half of santorini blew up and a 10 meter tsunami destroyed their capital city you mixed it up

  2. lowkey anyone else recognize this music from “How the Earth was Made”?
    like when they did the big reveal of big facts and important points?

  3. Nick Fury: Im looking to build a team…
    Indiana Jones: A team of what?
    Nick Fury: *Shows picture of Nathan Drake and Lara Croft* You in?

  4. sometimes, i’m not suprised by what mother nature does, and other times i’m kinda suprised (depending on how bad the damage is).

  5. My country Chile basically recieves every single possible natural disaster every week and we just shrug it off xD

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