Welcome to Top10Archive! It’s not uncommon to hear more about celebrities that are a little less accepting of fan interaction, so we wanted to turn the tables a little bit and honor those that treat their fans like gold. Whether always available for a photo-op or willing to drop everything to visit a sick fan, these 10 celebrities are known for more than friendly to their beloved fans.

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10. Jay Leno
9. Rihanna
8. George Clooney
7. Hugh Jackman
6. Ed Sheeran
5. Ellen DeGeneres
4. Chris Pratt
3. Bill Murray
2. Jeff Goldblum
1. Tom Hanks


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  1. I think the closest I ever got to someone famous (at least widely known
    famous in Hollywood. My most memorable meeting otherwise would always be
    the seminar the real Patch Adams held at the hospital where I work.) would
    be when my mother’s boss took her, my brother and me on a special tour of
    the White House (the one that takes you through the west wing). I didn’t
    recognize her right away, because I’m not as familiar with her work, but
    apparently Hayden Panettiere was in the tour group behind us. Didn’t say
    anything to her, but we did have to wait in the same narrow hallway while
    the area ahead of us was “restricted to visitors” (meaning Obama was nearby
    at the time).

  2. Really the fans made the celebrities who they truly are without the fans
    they would be nobody’s.
    The ignorance celebrities don’t deserve the fans that they have.
    I’m surprised Ellen DeGeneres was on this list, I’ve heard backstage she
    can be very difficult with her staff.

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