Is Spongebob destroying children’s brains? Can Pokémon cause seizures? Is Ren & Stimpy too disgusting for kids? Find out by joining Alltime10s as we look at ‘10 Cartoons You Shouldn’t Show To Children’.

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Sneaky Scoundrel by David Tobin/Jeff Meegan/Julian Gallant, Cover Up by Igor Dvorkin/Duncan Pittock/Ellie Kidd, Patiently by Paul Mottram.


    • well I love Betty Boop, and I’ve seen Drawn Together a few times. and I’ve watched Ren and Stimpy a few times, those two have a weird cartoon, pretty cool if you like that kind of show. and seen Sponge Bob a couple times, and didn’t care for it. pretty cool video AT 10’s, worth watching!!

    • Alltime10s no i wasn’t​ scarred for life man am insane for these creeps and freaks, mature content 😆😆😆😆😆😜👾👽👻💀👺👹👿😈

  1. I don’t recommend Simpsons to be shown to kids for various reasons can u do a sequel of this episode

  2. I was done wit Sponge Bob Square Pants after the episode when Pearl (Mr. Crabs daughter) had a slumber party, and Spongebob & Mr. Crabs did a “panty raid” with panties on their head!

  3. the part where Betty and the other dude slapping each other’s asses is also on grims adventure of Billy and Mandy Halloween

  4. boi rockos modern life is always seen by kids. when i was younger i still watched it. when i was 10 i already knew what the jokes were and invader zim. i still laugh at invader zim and rocko and as well as ren and stimpy. but not the amc version doe, and also it is the 20th cen. kids play mature games and watch deep shows like some of these cartoons like i just mentioned. nobody follows rules now. AND invader zim now it going to b back up on Nickelodeon

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