From bribery in order to host major sporting events to covering up medical malpractices, here are the 10 biggest cover ups of the 21st Century.

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  1. i did the smart thing,
    i start creating new email accounts with GMX Mail since they’re based in Germany and won’t be as spy data hungry as the united states puppets…i mean yahoo, gmail, and the such.

  2. The 21st century is from Jan 1 2001-Dec 31 2100, does not include the year 2000, this video is garbage.

  3. The USA and their overuse of ‘Super-Food’ on some products, has caused some problems to most of the Heath communities like if something was gluten-free, and it contains 5% gluten in it, it just defeats the purpose of the ‘Gluten-free’ label on foods, especially for someone who is going on a diet, or has a allergy to Gluten, it’s going to cost more, like bread, it normally would cost $1.60, but a gluten free version would cost 2 times of that, like nearly $4 for bread! ($3.20) whole food market stores are expensive for this reason, it costs more for the plastic packaging than the actual fruit itself, so anything can cost anything, like vegetables, seeds, even Diamonds too, it’s just how easy any kind of supermarket can get away with deceiving people into buying their products.

  4. With greater power comes greater responsibility. I wish we had laws like they have in Japan where if it is proven that you have acted in a manner that contravenes societies self interest you can be charged with a crime. If that crime led to death of people, you can receive the death penalty. For example, if it could be proven that the Japanese government was knowingly encouraging people to resettle the area around Fukushima and those people get sick or die, the person or committee that made that decision would be held responsible and jailed for professional misconduct.

  5. Actually there was no evidence Lance cheated only accusations. He confessed that’s how he got caught

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