Do you love magic? Do you love movies? How about movies about magic or about magicians? Then join us in our countdown of the 10 best movies involving MAGIC – featuring celebrity guest, Murray SawChuck!

10. Now You See Me
9. The Great Buck Howard
8. Maleficent
7. Oz The Great And Powerful
6. The Pagemaster
5. The Prestige
4. The Illusionist
3. Mary Poppins
2. The Neverending Story
1. The Harry Potter Series


  1. What’s your favorite movie involving MAGIC? Also, in case anyone was wondering.. We shot and filmed this video over 2 years ago, but are just now releasing it from our vault. Jim will be back on Thursday and we PROMISE there are no more episodes without him!

  2. I am terrible sorry, but I just can’t relate to the content without Jim’s voice. It sounds so alien☹️

    • No problem!! :p Sorry about that.. we actually filmed this video about 2 years ago and are just now releasing it.. It’s been sitting in our vault for awhile now.. We promise that you’ll never see another episode without Jim! 🙂

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