Everyone has a rough day (or a few) at their jobs, so lets make ourselves feel even worse by looking at this list of jobs that are better than our own and probably pay more! Here are 10 Best Jobs You Didn’t Know Existed!

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  1. why would i want to sleep in a bed that someone just slept in. who knows if they sweat a lot or has body odor. there are things called electric blanket.

    • Skyler Mckdoe cus the $60 human is cheaper than an electrical bed that costs a shit ton of money and requires repair when broken. Also risk of electric shocks

  2. Netflix clearly pays no one to watch it since it permanently removes some of the best series on the roaster and does not allow you to play many of the languages it has avaliable in other countries….Many series i cannot play or subtitle in english. Specially those of asian origin. It disables streaming options with a pick and choose mechanic. They clearly are dumbasses with no taste who still have the racist series: “Dear white people” when they would never upload a series called: “Dear black people”. Fuck neflix. I just use them because someone else pays for my service.

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