Nobody likes getting tricked, but these scam artists (and that is the correct word) took it to a whole new level!

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  1. in the 50s an austrian man conned president Juan Peron here in Argentina, claiming that he was able to achieve nuclear fusion, the president gave him a secluded island and unlimited budget until it was discovered years later that the equipment wasnt even plugged in the facility and that nothing nuclear was taking place

  2. At number 1 why would that dude need to pull that more then once? He could literally never spend the money from the first time.

  3. The U.S Government being a con man to Native Americans. Not only thru shoddy trades but telling them if you just give a small part of your land, we will leave you alone from now on.

  4. Why do fraudsters always go to prison?

    If you think about it, the stupid people who fall for it should be sent to prison.

    Less stupid people would be walking free.

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